Our Rooms

Little Earth Montessori Queenstown has three separate rooms, enabling us to deliver age appropriate experiences for children at each different age and stage.

Kaitoro Room

This warm and nurturing room is the start of every child’s journey with us. From the age of 2 until 3.5 they are here with our wonderful teachers Dandan, Melinda and Anjalika. Our routine consists of multiple practical life activities (one of the key principals of Montessori). Children can explore all the activities in our room including arts and crafts, reading books, sensorial play, practical life and baking.

Our Kaitoro Room has a large outdoor area with fruit trees, a sandpit, a vegetable patch and even a pet rabbit named Dusty. Our garden attracts everything from birds and butterflies, to ducks, and is a great way for children to interact with and learn to care for animals, trees and plants. This helps them connect to the world around them.

Mohoitanga Room

Well resourced and vibrant, our Mohoitanga Room caters for our children aged 3.5 to 5. Here, children are free to choose their own Montessori activities and what they want to study, with Jane and Michelle on hand to guide and support each child. We deliver a programme that is responsive to external influences – for example, when caterpillars arrive via courier and need to be placed on swan plants immediately, or if the weather is too hot to play outside we revise the programme.

Whakamana Room

Our Whakamana Room is also for our children aged 3.5 to 5 and is an engaging and stimulating Montessori classroom. Children are free to choose their own Montessori activity and Andrea and Karen are there to guide and support each child. Our programme is responsive to external influences – for instance if children bring books from home to share, we ensure that these are included in our programme.

Our wonderful teachers in all three of our rooms are extremely approachable and vested in the centre. They enjoy a korero with their families to learn about the children and their families. Our interests extend to supporting the families when possible, and we are always ready to share our collective wisdom.