Our People

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Youngju Lee , Complex Manager
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Weijing Weng (Queenie), Head Teacher

Kia Ora, my name is Queenie. I completed a degree in music education in China, then a Bachelor of Education specialising in Montessori at AUT in 2012. I am a fully qualified teacher. I find the Montessori philosophy truly inspiring and one I actively utilise with my two little ones.

I enjoy being a Montessori teacher. Being able to see our tamariki achieve what they commit themselves to in a well prepared, organised learning environment is very rewarding. Working as guides and facilitators, we aim to support children in becoming independent, responsible, and competent learners. We do so by assisting them in doing things themselves, actively engaging them in the learning process, and enhancing their critical thinking skills, all in a respectful way.

It is a privilege to be part of the Little Earth whanau, and to work with such an amazing team. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you. 

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Susan Hong , Qualified & Registered Teacher

I am a Montessori Early Childhood Educator and have been teaching at Little Earth Montessori Preschool since 2005. I hold a Montessori Teacher Certificate from USA and Korea and retrained at AUT University in New Zealand where I further advanced my knowledge and experience and obtained a Bachelor of Education specializing in Montessori. I find all Montessori theories and activities fascinating but am especially interested in Mathematics in the area.

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Pratima Tewary, Teacher

Tena Koutou and Namaste, 
My name is Pratima. I’m originally from India and am a proud mother of two daughters, Nivedita and Snigdha. I came to New Zealand with my family in 2014 to pursue my husband’s dream of conducting environmental research. I am constantly amazed by the beauty of New Zealand and warmth of its people.

I began learning about the Montessori curriculum when my daughters were at preschool back in India. I was enthused by the philosophy and decided to study and work in this field. I feel early childhood is the most important phase of human life because it shapes a child’s personality for life. I am glad to contribute to the development of our citizens of the future and I’m very much looking forward to getting to know you all.

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Monica Ashari, Teacher

My name is Monica, and I come from Indonesia. I moved to New Zealand in 2003 to pursue my study in the field of education. I graduated from my Bachelor of Education specialising in Montessori in 2006, and then completed my Master in Education in 2011.



Montessori education has always been my passion, as well as teaching preschool-age children. It is my desire to ensure that your children have the best care and education, which will prepare them to face the many challenges of the world. For me, there is nothing more inspiring than to see the face of a child who has mastered a new skill or conquered a new challenge. I am also a fun-loving, caring person, and I do enjoy a bit of humour from time to time. I am definitely looking forward to getting to know you, your children, and your families.

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Anita Nothnagel , Administrator