Little Earth

For early childhood learning.

Our warm and welcoming Little Earth Montessori centres follow the teaching principles of Maria Montessori, helping nurture learners who are socially, academically and emotionally well-developed and ready for life’s challenges.

Each of our centres is an appealing, purpose-built environment. We support our highly qualified teachers by resourcing each centre with high quality, carefully selected Montessori materials that support our children’s holistic learning experience.

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About Us

Little Earth centres are a home away from home for children aged 0-6. Little Earth children learn with confidence, and develop independence and a courageous love of learning, through our child-centred methodology where children choose their ‘work’, and are given guidance and support by our fantastic teachers, in an environment that encourages calm and purposeful learning.

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Meet Cathy Wilson at Little Earth Montessori Rosedale

She will explain the Montessori Philosophy as a whole and the importance of a Montessori environment during your child's early years. You'll get the opportunity to ask all the question you could have.


Celebrating Mothers at Little Earth Kapiti

Last week, the children have been very excited and busy preparing for our Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea. Hosting a special afternoon tea takes a lot of planning and such an event is very meaningful to the children. It is a great opportunity for the children to do something nice for others.


Craig Smith at Little Earth Queenstown

The children at Little Earth Queenstown are lucky! Last month, Craig Smith came to the centre to share his best stories.


Harvest Festival at Little Earth Montessori Kapiti

For the last five years, we have been celebrating Harvest Festival at Little Earth Kapiti as summer draws to an end.



  • Thank you for the amazing year that you have given us, with your warm hearts and caring souls, forever helping us and leading us on our little people’s journey.


  • I am so impressed with the teachers and it is reflected in how well my child has settled in.

  • We are very happy with your centre, if we ought to have another child, your centre will be the ECE to go to again. To all the staff THANK YOU!!! you all have all contributed greatly in April’s life and learning.

    Tae Wu

  • Simply to be honest, no more or less, I and my family have been so much happy and satisfied with the team in Little Earth Montessori. My eldest daughter went to Montessori first. She grew up with you, learning so many things that have become the base/ foundation of her current learning at Primary School. This is why we decided to bring Hanjung with you, although we moved a bit far. I and my family won’t forget you, your devotion into teaching children. Thank you so much.


  • When we were looking for a Montessori pre-school for my son we found Little Earth Rosedale and upon enquiring they were extremely helpful and friendly. After coming for a first visit we were instantly convinced it was the right choice and we have had no regrets in our decision.

    Little Earth is a lovely environment for the children and every time I pick up my son I experience a friendly reception from all the teachers and I have found them very understanding and supportive.

    We receive regular communication and wonderful updates on our son’s progress including great photos and information on his current learning so we feel involved in his day-to-day activities. We absolutely recommend Little Earth Rosedale to other parents.”

  • Aria has thrived on her time here. We love the warm, kind, and caring atmosphere that all teachers create. Engaging with each student as they arrive everyday really makes the whole family feel very welcome here and makes the child feel at home. We know Aria is completely ready to embark on her primary journey because of her foundation created here at Little Earth. She has made very good friends and many of these will continue through her primary years at Pinehurst. We thank you for contributing to her preparation and know that she is confident and ready due to her time here. The balance and mixture of learning and everyday activities us fantastic and we are so pleased we chose you all to take care of Aria. Thank you.

    Niki and Warren

  • Taylan has enjoyed his time here at Little Earth Montessori. He settled well mainly because he felt cared for by the teachers in the learning environment. We could not recommend a better nurturing environment, and long may it continue. His experience has been fun and therefore he embarks on the next stage of his learning journey well equipped to meet the challenges that are to come because together we had laid a good foundation. A very big thank you from all of us.

    Addah and Tamu

  • I love the care taken in employing staff, it shows, they are all genuine, caring people, with a real nurturing attitude towards our children and their learning. I think continue doing what you are doing. We as a family will really miss this phase in our lives and the amazing experience of our children’s preschool years at Little Earth. The elder children have gone on to ‘thrive’ at school, indicative of the great foundation built at Little Earth.


  • We have grown as parents and learned a lot from working in partnership with you.

  • Little Earth Rosedale is a lovely environment for the children and every time I pick up my son I experience a friendly reception from all the teachers and I have found them very understanding and supportive.