Initially we were drawn to Little Earth Queenstown because of the smaller staff to student ratios, the calm physical environment and the unique, effective teaching strategies. Once established at the centre these aspects became secondary to the outstanding staff who worked there.

Once there our daughter developed a sense of belonging, rapidly becoming a part of the Montessori family. She was always treated with dignity and respect and given many opportunities to explore and learn


When we were looking for a Montessori pre-school for my son we found Little Earth Rosedale and upon enquiring they were extremely helpful and friendly. After coming for a first visit we were instantly convinced it was the right choice and we have had no regrets in our decision.

Little Earth is a lovely environment for the children and every time I pick up my son I experience a friendly reception from all the teachers and I have found them very understanding and supportive.

We receive regular communication and wonderful updates on our son’s progress including great photos and information on his current learning so we feel involved in his day-to-day activities. We absolutely recommend Little Earth Rosedale to other parents.”

I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone for all you have done.

I would like to acknowledge your talent as educators. I have been constantly amazed over the last 6 years, at the depth of your understanding and skill, your commitment to your students, and the results that you effect with the wonderful kiddies, including ours.

The life skills you give them at the start of their life journey is a real gift, and an asset that they carry with them as they move into the next step of their lives. Today our child bounced into his new class, keen to get on with it. I am pretty sure he will be quite a scholastic achiever.

He seems very structured, precise and particular about how things are done, and likes to figure out how things work.

Certainly at Little Earth Queenstown those inherent talents of his have had every chance to develop, grow and flourish under your tutelage. I’m really looking forward to seeing him progress as I know he will.

I am so impressed with the teachers and it is reflected in how well my child has settled in.