Celebrating Matariki at Little Earth Montessori Kapiti

Matariki has always been a part of our conversations here at Little Earth Montessori Kapiti. We constantly revisit books and songs about Matariki. From time to time older children also share their experiences of past Matariki celebrations at preschool. For the last two months we had more focused discussion and had various activities on it as we commemorate Māori New Year.



Celebrating Mothers at Little Earth Kapiti

Last week, the children have been very excited and busy preparing for our Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea. Hosting a special afternoon tea takes a lot of planning and such an event is very meaningful to the children. It is a great opportunity for the children to do something nice for others.



Harvest Festival at Little Earth Montessori Kapiti

For the last five years, we have been celebrating Harvest Festival at Little Earth Kapiti as summer draws to an end.



Celebrating the Spirit of Christmas At Little Earth Kapiti

It has been our annual tradition at Little Earth Kapiti since we opened in 2009, that we come together as a community to celebrate Christmas with a Family Picnic at our preschool grounds.