Our Programme

At Little Earth Oteha Valley, we don’t divide our children into separate rooms. There’s no stressful transitioning between rooms, the younger children learn skills from the older children, and the older ones take pride in teaching their peers new things. Our children also get to spend their whole time with the same teachers, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of each child’s strengths and needs.


8am  Open

9am – 12pm Montessori Morning Working Cycle (Including Morning Mat time and Rolling Morning Tea Time)

12pm Lunch

12:45pm Afternoon Story Time

1pm Under 3yrs children take a nap or rest. Order children getting ready to go outside or for a group session.

2pm – 3pm Afternoon Group Programme


          Monday: Heydeeho Music

          Tuesday: Art and Craft

          Wednesday: Play Ball

          Thursday: Little Scientist

          Friday: Kids YOGA   


3pm Afternoon Tea Time


5pm Close