The Planets Align for Little Earth Montessori Rosedale

A rocket launching demonstration was one of the highlights of a recent trip to Stardome for Little Earth Montessori Rosedale children.

“Several rockets were launched using different fuels, and the children were amazed that the rocket fuelled with hydrogen and water flew the highest,” says centre manager Neena Passi.

Stardome is the ultimate place for exploration and discovery, enabling children to learn important scientific concepts in a range of fun and interactive ways.

“We started off in the Stardome theatre where the children took part in a play about Matariki, and held plaques representing stars, the sun, the fishhook of Maui, night-time and day-time. We also watched a movie on the roof portraying how Maori used the stars to navigate their way to New Zealand.

“The children had a fantastic fun-filled day, and even loved the bus ride there and back!”