The Rosedale Park Restoration!

We are ready to share the first step in our collaboration with the Rosedale Park Restoration Project team. We are joining the team to partake in a purpose-led, integrated, sustainable restoration of a 4,000m2 unused site in the southwest corner of Rosedale Park, using bio-organic land care principles. Project lead Nicky Shave met with our tamariki, teachers and whānau on the 19th of May to explain the project and share how our Montessori centre can play an active role in the journey to restore and enrich this piece of land in our local area. We love the inclusive, interdisciplinary partnerships being formed to begin work on the project and we are thrilled to be on board! Thank you, Nicky, for sharing your time with us and we also appreciate our parents' wonderful participation in Nicky's presentation. We will update regularly as the project commences!