Our Rooms

Little Earth Montessori Panmure has two separate rooms, enabling us to deliver age appropriate experiences for children at each different age and stage. We also have a large and dynamic outdoor space with a covered deck, sandpit, real grass, and vegetable and flower gardens which the children care for.

Take a virtual tour of our centre and explore what each room has to offer

Kowhai Room

This warm and nurturing room is the start of every child’s journey with us. From the age of 2 until 3.5 they are here with our wonderful teachers. Our routine consists of multiple practical life activities (one of the key principals of Montessori). Children can explore all the activities in our room including arts and crafts, reading books, sensorial play, practical life and baking.

Pohutukawa Room

Well resourced and vibrant, this room caters for our children aged 3.5 to 6 and is divided into the core curriculum areas of practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics and geographical science. Children are free to choose their own Montessori activities and what they want to study, with our approachable, encouraging teachers on hand to provide guidance and support.