Amazing school where everyone cares and works to help your child to succeed. Each teacher works together and you can see the teamwork that goes into making the place run smoothly.

Danielle McNarama

The staff are always friendly and welcoming, they genuinely care, and take an interest in my child and the parents. They are informative on the happenings around my child and will happily and easily communicate things to us, they are also able to answer any questions we have.

This has helped the transition process and has reassured our decision to change centres.

We felt after our son's second day at Montessori, he is much happier and in the short time our son has been attending Montessori we feel like he has and will continue to flourish and be extended in his learning here.

Thank you so very much to Little Earth Panmure! :-)

Karina Bell

When my eldest son started at age 3 we were a little worried as he was very hypoactive and loud and we weren't sure how he would settle in. We wanted him to be able to learn but to also learn to control when and where it was appropriate to be so loud and crazy. After our visit to Little Earth Panmure, I knew it was the place for him. It took a few month to settle in but the change in him is absolutely amazing. He has learnt a lot as well as being able to communicate properly with us what he wants and needs. I love that he can quite happily work well on his own and has learnt how to problem solve on his own. He now fits in well with others and has made friends. We now have our youngest son in Little earth as well and he is going even better. We are always getting comments from family about how well he speaks and how he can count to 10 and actually recognizes the numbers, colours and letters of the alphabet. We are extremely happy with the teachers and the environment they create for our boys.

Anahera Kireka

We leave richer for knowing you and are confident that our precious I. and S. have had the best possible start in life.

My child's time at Little Earth has so dramatically changed him onto an open, confident, young man.

We're thrilled to have our child at Little Earth, we honestly believe there is no better place to lay the foundations for learning.

I really like the Little Earth Montessori Panmure teacher philosophy, the approachable teachers and the overall facilities. It is really hard to find a daycare that has all three. 

Ashley Zhou

The staff are fabulous, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I love the way it is more skills focused than a total free play! Great prep for school! it's a great balance between play and learning :)

Kylie Vercoe